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The Secret to Attracting Your Dream Clients

Business Marketing for Independent Beauty Professionals 

Trust me, I get it. Right now you might feel...

  • You’ve worked hard on your craft but you can't reach consistent paying clients!

  • You know that marketing is essential to your business you're not sure where to start.

  • You feel that everyone else has it figured out and you're wondering what they're doing.

  • You’re constantly posting on social media but your follows and likes aren't converting into bookings!

And to shorten my own story, let’s just say

i've been there too!

struggling, frustrated...maybe even shedding a tear or two.

That is exactly why I’ve created a course that combines EVERYTHING I’ve learned after 8 years of running my own business - implementing a winning strategy through experience and  education.


A Real-World Business Marketing Course

that actually makes sense!

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A comprehensive, online course to teach you how to better market your business.


3 Core Modules

12 Video Episodes

On-Screen Training


one-time payment

Ferndale, MI 48220

Royal Oak, MI 48067

Hey, call me Cher Jay!

I struggled HARD with editing my photos before I knew how to use Lightroom properly and effectively. I found myself discouraged that I could take a photo I was so proud of, and not know how to edit it well.

So I learned Lightroom. Inside and out. I asked everyone I could, trudged through all those stuffy YouTube videos, tested and tried each and every tool, and years later… I FINALLY feel confident as heck in my edits and workflow. But the road to getting there wasn’t easy, and learning the editing game can be exhausting, boring, and way too long!

Instead of all that, I resolved to create an easy-to-understand, concise, effective, comprehensive, AND CREATIVE course that combined every technical and creative part of editing that empowers me daily as a photographer to create the work that truly feels like me.

And I want that for you. NOT so you can edit just like me! I designed this course so you can find your full potential as a photo editor, and ignite it.

Why I created the course...


  • If you're an independent/freelance makeup artist or hairstylist, salon suite or solopreneur salon owner.

  • If you're new in the industry or newly independent, looking to grow your business reach and clientele.

  • If you're looking to gain easy-to-understand business marketing knowledge. 

  • If you're interested in tackling the most important aspects of digital marketing - what makes the biggest impact now!

This course is going to be most impactful for you if you fall in one of these categories!


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